Nail Polish on my Dior Handbag?!

My Dior New Lock Handbag is probably my most prized purse in my collection.  I am absolutely and completely in love with it.  So you could imagine my shock when I noticed that my a bit of my nail polish that I was currently wearing managed to stain the bag!  I have no idea how that [...]

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OOTD & FOTD: 26th Birthday

My birthday was on the 4th but it is only now I finally found time to create this post.  Sorry!  Better late than never right?  Plus, this is my favorite birthday outfit as of yet so I could not just forget about it.  It isn’t anything fancy, but I just love the color and simplicity [...]

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Haul: Dior New Lock Handbag

I think it is safe to say that this will be my last handbag purchase for 2012 and for the next few years.  As you all know I have always wanted a Chanel Flap and/or WOC.  When my husband told me I could finally buy a WOC, I was ecstatic walking into the boutique.  HOWEVER, [...]

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