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Who is Dinah?

I am a 25 years old, Filipino and lives in Hawaii.  I am a Navy wife, mother to a beautiful little girl, an admin worker at the University of Hawaii, and an intern for iFabbo.With my hectic life, blogging keeps me sane from my sometimes stressful life.

How it all began?
I began blogging in March 2011.  I enjoyed blogging but never really thought about blogging for the sole purpose of sharing my love of beauty and fashion.  This was actually suggested by my good friends when I would talk to them about makeup (given none of them cared for it) and how I wish I was working because at the time I was a stay-at-home mom.  We all agreed that blogging would be the best option.  Never had I thought my blog would have flourished as much as it has today.

What is your blog about?

Originally I started off mainly focusing on beauty.  However, lately it has evolved and now incorporates fashion, fitness and lifestyle posts.   

Do you manage D.G.S.Beauty alone?

At the time being, yes I do and honestly I am at the point of considering getting some help from my friends.  With family, work, and my internship, no longer have as much time as I use to working on my blog.

What equipment do you use?

For my camera, I use my Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  This is my first dslr and a great investment!  The vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor is also a lifesaver and makes taking profile pictures of myself much easier.  The computer that I use to mange my blog is a MacBook Pro 13".

Do you receive free samples for reviews?

Yes, I do.  Regardless of the samples sent to me for free, I promise to give you my honest opinion on the products.  See policies

How long do you take to review a product?

It really depends on the type of product (skincare, haircare, makeup, etc.) and how busy my personal schedule is. But it will usually take me between 2-4 weeks.  If I take longer, I will email the company to keep them updated on its progress.

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