Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No more makeup?!

So my cousin, Lerma and I made a bet.  Yesterday I purchased the Surf USA and Sun Blonde eyeshadows from MAC's Surf, Baby collection.  I especially loved the blue (turquoise) color, but my heart felt so heavy after making the purchase.  It was about $32 for both.  


After I buy makeup (usually MAC) I start second guessing myself if I should return it or not because I just think of my husband hard at work in the sea.  Some people think the military get's overpaid, but honestly I think they're underpaid and overworked!  My husband works 24/7 when they're out at sea and sacrifices seeing his family for months at a time.  (Sorry getting off track here...)

So I went back to MAC and returned my two new eyeshadows.  I was considering doing the Project 10 pan, which I learned about from my sister-in-law JC (*Makeup Diary), but I don't think I could do that.  So instead my cousin and I made a bet.  I'm only allowed to buy makeup every two months otherwise I'll have to buy her something (probably something expensive) if I lose.  This bet starts June 1, 2011.  Can you believe that?  No new makeup until August 1, 2011?!  =(  Hopefully I can do it, but I apologize if my blog gets a little boring until then.  I'll do my best to do more FOTDs, NOTWs, OOTDs, review products I already own, and other fun posts in the meantime.    

What other future posts do you suggest I do?  

Thanks for reading,

Monday, May 30, 2011

FOTD: Surf, Baby (05/30/11)

Today I went to MAC to play around with the new MAC Surf, Baby collection.  Everything was just gorgeous. I managed to get one of the MUA's put some makeup on me.  So that became my FOTD compliments of MAC.  =)  I loved the look but didn't appreciate her poking my eye out when she was putting mascara on...  Anyways... onto the look.

I was being a camera whore in Hallmark while I waited for my friend to buy greetings cards, so don't mind the background.  LOL.  

All MAC items used unless stated otherwise:

MSF Natural Medium Dark

Paintery Paintpot
Surf USA
Sun Blonde
(Not sure what she used for highlight)
(Not sure which mascara)


What do you guys think?  Have you tried your makeup from the Surf, Baby collection?

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ELF 100 Palette Swatches

I finally got some time to swatch all of the colors in this palette.  I apologize if the pictures/swatches aren't that great or is hard to see the color.  Some of the colors either just so light that they blended into my skin or were too stubborn to show up.

I rotated my original picture so it would be easier to tell what color the swatches are supposed to look like.  Each picture are according to rows.  I started from the top and worked my way down.   

All of these swatches are with no flash.  If you want to see another color again, please let me know and I'll re-do it.  

These would work as highlights.

More light colors/yellows

Blues/Light Greens




Browns/More Nudes

For some reason this reminded me of the Naked Palette but I don't even own it.  I guess b/c of all the Browns.  Haha.


Overall, I liked most of the colors and majority of them were very pigmented.  Some however did annoy me because they just didn't want to show.  (Who knows, it could have just been my palette that did this). For their $10 price tag, I'd say that it's a good palette if you're starting out and do not have much makeup to work with.  

Do you have this palette?  If so, how do you like it?  

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love Makeup - Safira's First Giveaway!

Love Makeup - Safira  is hosting her first giveaway!  The prizes are great and open international.  Good luck everyone!

Sigma Heart Shape Mirror - Pink Fire

Sleek Palette in Original

Freshlook Colour Contact Lenses in Misty Grey

Sleek Contour Kit in Light

Lipgloss Love Affair: The Super Kawaii Giveaway

Lipgloss Love Affair is hosting a GREAT giveaway with lots of goodies!  This contest is international and ends on June 17th.  You must check out her blog for more details.  Good luck ladies!

Carter's and Victoria's Secret Haul

Today was filled with clothes shopping for my baby girl and I.  Carter's is currently having some great sales (40% off, 30% off, clothes for $5-$8, etc) so I couldn't resist stocking up on bigger clothes for when my daughter gets older.  I bought her a bunch of 12, 18, and 24 month clothes.  There was no sense in buying 6 months clothes (she's 7 months now) because she'll just grow out of them in a few weeks.  If there's a Carter's near you, you should definitely check them out. Also, if you go on their website (click on the link above), they have a 20% off coupon.  What's great about Carter's is that you can use multiple coupons on top of each other!  So in addition to their sales and the 20% coupon, they were also offering a military discount of 10%!  Woot woot!  Over all I spent about $64 and saved $30.  

My next stop was Victoria's Secret.  They're also having a sale.  Usually their panties are 5 for $25 (or something like that). But for this memorial day weekend it's 7 for $25.50.  I kept telling myself I didn't need to buy these, but I couldn't resist.  Sorry if my pics are TMI, but I was so happy with my hauls for today that I wanted to share.  =P  Overall, I spent about $27 w/ taxes.  

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thanks again to my sister-in-law!

Even though I've been on blogger for about two months or so, I am still new to figuring out how to make my page better/prettier/etc.  But thanks to my sister-in-law, JC (<-- you should definitely check out how beauty blog!) she's been a lot of help with showing me how to fix up my page.  <333

My favorite shampoo and conditioner

Overall rating: 5
Pricing: 5
Packaging: 5
Would buy again?: Definitely

I've tried many shampoos and conditioners but this has got to be my all time favorite.  They are from Matrix Essentials Sleek.look smoothing system. The description that the site list of this product is:

Sleek.look Professional Smoothing System with 24 Smooth Multi-Mend Technology™ blends ceramide, shea butter and apricot oil to help REPAIR damage, CONDITION hair and CONTROL frizz with long-lasting humidity protection for shine and all-day smoothness. Instantly transforms unruly, curly, wavy or frizzy hair into sensuously-sleek styles that stay smooth from shampoo to shampoo.

It definitely does what it says it'll do.  I use to dread washing my Filipino hair because it would be so wavy and frizzy as can be.  So I would just put my hair up to avoid looking awful especially since I've haven't used my flat iron for over a year now.  However these products make me look forward to washing my hair and letting it air-dry.  Once my hair dries, it looks smooth, silky, and best of all, frizz-free!  I also love how it makes my hair smell.  I would definitely buy this product again. 

I can't remember how much they were but I got them from Ward's Bobbi & Guy Beauty Supply.  They also have other locations in Uptown Pearlridge and Kapolei (next to Target).  They may seem a little pricey but they have a bottle refill program.  Basically you bring in your empty bottles and they'll refill them for 50% off the bottles actual price (Correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I'm right).  Also, if you're military, you receive 10% off.  

Her Doll Face's Giveaway

To celebrate Her Doll Face reaching 200 followers she is currently hosing a great giveaway of Buxom Babes Winger Girls Kit and other goodies.  If you want to enter, just check her blog and you might just be a winner.


I stumbled onto Love Makeup's and she wrote a post/review on a few of Sleep Makeup's products.  I have never heard of this brand (I'm slowly learning of the many MANY other cosmetic brands out there and I LOVE it!)  Anywho, Sleek Makeup is certainly a brand you should all check out.  

Friday, May 27, 2011

FOTD: Play on Plums (05/26/11)

I noticed I've been neglecting my Play on Plums e/s so I decided to use it today.  

All MAC items used unless stated otherwise:

MSF Natural Medium Dark

Play on Plums
Anastasia Brunette Brow Powder Duo-II
Great Lash Big Mascara

Viva Glam V 

Bring your discontinued shades back to life!

Thanks to my good friend, Kirsten, she found this website, Three Custom Color Specialists.  On this site, they offer custom blending.  Basically they will do their best to duplicate, to the best of their ability, a discontinued shade you love but thought you couldn't get back!  I haven't tried this myself yet, but I'm sure I will in the near future.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FOTD (05/25/11)

She kept staring at me putting my makeup on so I wanted to take a picture with my babygirl.

All MAC items used unless stated otherwise:

MSF Natural Medium Dark
Fleur Power

Knight Divine
Anastasia Brunette Brow Powder Duo-II
Great Lash Big Mascara

Viva Glam V A85

*side note* Sorry for slacking off listing the products I use in my previous FOTDs! I won't be lazy anymore. Haha.

My ELF Package finally came in!

About a week ago, I ordered a few things from ELF (E.L.F. Post).  Today I finally received it.  I was so excited to get my package.  I didn't expect to receive the products so quick especially since I did not get an email from ELF saying that my order had been shipped.  

Everything carefully packed in the box.

Top left to bottom: Midnight, Copper, Purple.  I thought it was really cute that ELF provided a mini brush.  It does work as well as my MAC 266, but it never hurts to have extra eyeliners brushes.

(With flash) Midnight, Purple, Copper.  I was really disappointed with midnight.  It looks like black when it should be more of a navy blue color.  But I'm satisfied with the purple and copper.  I'll probably wear purple when I go out with my girls and copper will be one of my daily next to my blacktrack.

(Without flash)

Warm Bronzer.  I tried to do a swatch on this but you couldn't really see it.  So I'll just use it next time I do a FOTD.

100 Eyeshadow Palette.  When I have more time I'll swatch every single color for all of you.

The spray and eyelash curler.  I have yet to use the spray but I already love the curler!  If you don't have it, you should.  You can't beat it especially at a price of just $1.00

Resizing your rings

Not too sure if this is really beauty related, but I'll just post this anyways...  So I just had a question...is it okay to resize your ring numerous times?  Will it affect the quality of the ring?  My wedding rings are starting to get loose again but I've been debating whether or not to resize them.  My rings aren't to the point where it could slip off on their own but they tend to rotate in circles a lot on my ring finger.  So far I've resized my rings 3x.  What do you all think?

It's kinda blurry, but I wanted to be creative.  Haha.  I'll buy macro lens one day.  

Sorry about the bad lighting.

FOTD: Winged Eyeliner (05/24/11)

I didn't really feel like putting on much makeup today since I just had a few doctor appointments to go to.  But I almost always put on eyeliner at the least whenever I go out.  So today I just did a simple winged eye with my MAC Blacktrack.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adventures in Makeup's Giveaway

Adventures In Makeup is hosting a great giveaway!  MAC Surf Baby My Paradise Cheek color.  This is already sold out online and may soon be sold out in stores.  So you should take advantage of this giveaway.  Good luck girls!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sigma's Dry N Shape System!

After stumbling on Madiha's Beauty blog I learned about Sigma's new product, the Dry N Shape.   I absolutely dread having to wash my face brushes because they seem to take forever to dry.  However, Sigma claims that this product will have even your most dense brushes dry in 4 to 6 hours!  It also says that it will shape your bristles to their original shape and could double as a brush roll.  This product only cost $29.00.  However, for those of you who own many brushes, you may need to purchase more than one since it will only hold 12 brushes at a time.  Other than that, I am definitely contemplating purchasing this.

Madiha's 2000+ Followers Giveaway!

Hey girls!  Madiha is hosting a great giveaway!  There will be three winners.  To find out more make sure you check out her site!  You might be one of the lucky winners.

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