Review: nuNAAT NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Collection

nuNAAT is a hair product company that sells items with only the finest ingredients.  Their products ranges from shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing treatments & masks, styling products, and relaxers.  Talk about your one stop hair shop!  nuNAAT was kind enough to send me the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Collection.


(L-R): Liquid Keratin Leave-in Reconstruction, Serum Ultra Shine, Deep Moisturizing Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, and Intensive Hair Mask.

As stated on the website:

“NAAT Brazilian Keratin collection restores and intensifies your hair’s nutritional balance, leaving it incredibly smooth, strong and flexible. Unlike typical animal-based keratins, our exclusive Green Keratin formula stays in your hair longer and is more resistant to rinsing. Promotes vibrancy and hydration, giving hair a natural, healthy shine.”


  • Works with all hair types
  • Repairs cuticle damage
  • Regenerates and strengthens hair fibers
  • Restores natural shine and softness
  • Seals hair cuticles
  • Reduces volume and frizz
  • Makes hair resilient and healthy
  • Formaldehyde and sodium chloride free

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo


Directions: Apply product to wet hair, massaging it in gently with your fingertips.  Rinse well with water to remove all the product.  Repeat if necessary.

The shampoo worked very well with my long, thick hair.  With just a quarter size amount, I was able to cover my hair and lather it up to get a good deep clean.

Deep Conditioner


Directions: Apply product to length of hair.  Let sit for 2 minutes and rinse well to remove all the product.

With naturally frizzy hair, this conditioner made sure it helped to maintain the craziness.  When it comes to conditioners, I tend to use a lot to make sure it gets every hair strand.  But with this, like the shampoo, it does not take much to cover everything while working its magic.

Liquid Keratin Leave-in Reconstruction


Directions: Apply product to hair, massaging product in from root to tip.  It is not necessary to rinse.  Brush with a hairdryer and finish with a ceramic heat iron 180 degrees C.  Wait 10 minutes.

This leave-in reconstructor has a very thin consistency.  For some reason, I was expecting a thicker formula.  I am probably one of the worst people when it comes to using a blowdryer.  Whenever I try to blowdrying my hair, all you see is crazy static frizzy hair.  So I was very relived that this product has changed all of that.  I no longer feared blowdrying my hair.  Once I got my hair all dried, I would straighten my hair and apply a bit of serum for extra protection.

Serum Ultra Shine


Directions: Apply a small amount of product.  Finish by blow-drying hair while styling with a brush and follow up with a flat iron.  This is a very important step because the heat from the iron will seal the cuticles.  You can also apply a small amount of the product on dry hair to reduct volume and frizz.

When it comes to serums, you do not need much.  A small amount goes a long way.  This serum has kept my hair looking shiny and keeps my ends feeling velvety smooth!  I could definitely get use to this every single day.  I love that you could use this with either wet or dry hair.

Intensive Hair Mask

IMG_3556IMG_3559 IMG_3560

Directions: Apply product throughout hair strands from root to tips.  Cover hair and let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


Last, but definitely not least is the hair mask.  Before this, I have never used a hair mask so I was not sure what to expect.  I make sure to use this at least once a week.  My first try was a bit messy.  I got product on my bathroom sink and floor.  But I am happy to report that I am much better now and have not wasted another drop.  After I covered every hair strand with the mask, I put my hair up in a bun and covered it with a shower cap.  Once my 15 minutes were up, I rinsed my hair.  I skipped the shampoo and went straight to the conditioner and went about with my regular routine with this collection.

Hair Pictures





Overall, I have to say this collection is amazing!  My hair looks so healthy, shiny, smooth, everything you could think of!   I wish I had used this product when I was younger and could not stand my hair.  If you are in the market for some new hair care products, I suggest you give this collection a try.

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FTC: Items were provided by nuNAAT for review purposes. I am not getting paid for blog post. This is my honest opinion.

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