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Buying new makeup for myself is really a rare occurrence lately especially since I am no longer working.  My current employment is a non-paid internship at iFabbo, blogging, and being a Stay-at-home-wife/mother.  Thankfully I am lucky enough to receive free samples and such for my blog, but I do get sad when I can’t purchase the lately makeup releases to share with all of you.

Enough of my sad story.  After being a good girl, my husband said that I could have a $50 shopping spree for makeup.  Now if you’re a makeup addict, we know that $50 actually isn’t much especially when it comes to purchasing high-end brands.  I have been roaming around MAC, Sephora, Urban Decay, and other websites seeing what I could/should buy and try to get more for my buck.  This is where I need your help.  Name some items that you think is worth buying!  Help me decide.  I can’t wait to see your suggestions.

What makeup items do you love and think I should also have in my collection?

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